【Good News】I received an offer from an arts and entertainment magazine in New York and they offer me to do a video interview regarding my work! I'm so happyAs I look back at the opportunities I've been given in the recent years, I wonder how much I can give back to the world through my activities and expressions, rather than just simply working on them and showing it to people. I would like to keep asking myself this question constantly in the future as I work on my projects This is my interview article a year ago. My hair was very short at the time↓https://occhimagazine.com/expressions-from-the-heart-an-interview-with-calligraphist-ai-kishimoto/・ニューヨークのアート・エンターテイメント雑誌が私のインタビュー特集を組んでくれることになりました。うれしいな~。こうして頂いたチャンスを前にして、私が思うことは、単に自分の活動を知ってもらうために取り組むのじゃなく、自分がここまで成長させてもらったことを活動や表現を通じて、どこまで世の中に還元することができるだろうか?と常に問いながら向き合っていきたい。写真は一年前のインタビュー記事のやつ。髪チョー短いな🤪↓https://occhimagazine.com/expressions-from-the-heart-an-interview-with-calligraphist-ai-kishimoto///////◆Online shop of artwork@ai.kishimoto_art#art #modernart#expression #expressionistart #entertainment #tatoo #artist #aikishimoto #japan  #アート #書道アート #エンターテイメント