CineD has made a short documentary video about me with a review of a new camera In this video, I talked about my challenge and the reason why I’m doing that. I also shared my private stories behind the challenge.
Come check it out😉👇
I hope this video will reach everyone who needs it😌

I’d like to thank you all who has already watched the video and who has sent me heartwarming messages on Instagram🙏✨

And I truly thank @cinednews Johnnie for doing this with me. While shooting, He kept encouraging me to express what I surely had in my heart.

I often felt I couldn’t explain my true feelings in words and I tried to give up talking. But he never gave up.Thanks to his endless challenge,
I can introduce this to you all today.
I’m so grateful for meeting you, Johnnie. You gave me this great opportunity and courage to express myself to the world. I never thank you more‼︎
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

@cinednews さんが、