My challenge for 21 days ended today‼a little ago I saw a lot of great shows . Then I wanted to start something new. And for 21 days I decided to do calligraphy art myself somewhere in my body😌
But it was so difficult at first.Because sometimes when I write on my own body,It is difficult because the brush does not move freely.And at first I felt very embarrassed writing on my body😓Also, there was criticism from people who loved the calligraphy style written on paper. Sometimes I felt depressed .I like the old traditional style of Japan🇯🇵
But I’m always interested in new things.And I want to be passionate about creative things.So I always want to do what I feel passionate about and express myself freely.And I always want to be on the way to new possibilities✨I will be happy if my challenge becomes someone’s power.

I found one thing I wanted to do🤩Someday, while listening to beautiful live sound or singing voice♪
I want to write on people’s bodies and my own bodies.I’m sure I won’t feel the borderline between people then.I want to express that kind of artistic expression.I think such a stage is very beautiful✨

Thank you to everyone who supported my challenge for 21 days💗


calligraphy: @ai.kishimoto1
Four character idiom : 清風明月/refreshing breeze and the bright moon; a beautiful nocturnal scene with a full moon