It has been two and a half years since I started focusing on my new dream of working as a calligraphy artist out of Japan and more towards the world. I put together a new videos of my activities so far.I wonder what place, with what people, and what value will I be able to create around the world?I ask myself these questions and keep focusing on these hopes until the pandemic is over! Hope everybody keeps their patients until things settle downThank you to everyone who’s been supporting me since I started this challenge! And thank you to all the performers, musicians, and artists I’ve collaborated with. I can’t wait to see you all again️ もう少しの辛抱。くぅぅぅ〜はやく、あばれたいw////// ◇Edited by @demii__13 ◆Please contact us for work and performance at my web site ! (link bio)#art #modernart #expression #entertainment #artist #aikishimoto #japaneseculture