Ai Kishimoto

Calligraphy Artist / Performer
K2inovation Co. Ltd. CEO / SINSHO Association Representative Director

Born in 1982 in Kyoto, Japan. Currently living in Tokyo.

 In 2002, she began working as a sales rep. for a Kimono fabric and design store.  Wanting to show pure gratitude towards the customers, she came up with the idea of writing “thank-you letters” by hand using a brush pen.  This simple action touched the hearts of many of her customers, and she quickly became the top sales rep in 6 months.  Thereafter, in order to fully understand her own feelings and to express them outwards, she innovated her original calligraphy style called “SINSHO”, which means “Calligraphy of Heart”.  She started her own company in 2008 and provided her artwork to more than 20,000 customers world-wide in the past 13 years.  With the hope of helping others express their feelings and live their own way, she also started providing “SINSHO” Seminars.

In 2013, she established “SINSHO Association” to expand the SINSHO method nationwide as a self-expression tool, focusing on training other instructors online.  Afterwards, together with Ryuichiro Ise, established an online business school that focuses on “Learning important things in your life that wasn’t be taught at school.”  She passed on the knowledge on how to gain love and financial freedom to more than 1,500 people through these classes, paving the way of new possibilities for many women.  In 2018, she expanded her activities overseas in earnest and devotion to the production of calligraphy artwork using her own body as a canvas.  Through her performance, she received praises from the media such as “her appearance of writing her works is novel and beautiful,” “perfect technique and beauty full of passion,” and “unique and exciting view of the world” and have attracted a great deal of attention and offers from all over the world.

Her honest and unadorned personality attracts wide range of fans, as well as collaboration requests from artists and musicians from all over the globe.  Currently, she is devoted in creating a world full of people who can connect with others and society as “who they are” and make the most of each other’s “characteristics” and she continues to strive both domestically and internationally to convey that message.  In her private life, she is a wife to a cheerful husband and a mother of two children.  She loves watching her children’s videos in between her work and her favorite food is donuts.


Stage / Performance
2011.07 Opening act for “Fukushima Kawamata-machi Shamo Festiva
2011.08 Woman Dream Plan: Presentation
2012.04 Craftsman Dream Plan Presentation: Large scale stage performance
2012.09 Rock band “Okan”: Collaborative live performance
2013.08 Woman Dream Plan Presentation: Opening act stage performance
2014.04 ICHIRYU: 5th Anniversary Party stage performance
2016.11 Keikyu Department store COTONOWA: Large scale calligraphy instructor and performance
2017.05 Microsoft JAPAN: “Surface” New product press release event
2017.07 Microsoft JAPAN: Employee general meeting
2018.06 Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas: Jewelry Show appearance
2018.11 Hotel Sansui: 100th Anniversary Party live performance
2019.01 Shopping mall Ario: Live performance
2019.01 Kasumigaura-city: Coming-of-age ceremony live performance
2019.11 Trastic.F: Collaborative live performance
2019.12 World of Dance Las Vegas: Guest stage performance appearance
2020.10 Cellist “MARIKO”: Music Video appearance and performance
2020.12 Cellist “MARIKO”: Solo live appearance and performance
2021.7 Be-JAPON 20th Anniversary Performance
Work production (artwork, mural, logo, TATOO design etc.)
2011.08 “Okinawa Remote Island Information Magazine” 2009 summer cover title design
2011.04 Craftsman Dream Plan Presentation title logo design
2013.11 “MANPUKU” Sydney store wall design/producer
2014.02 “IYASUME” Hawaii store wall design/producer
2017.08 Microsoft Japan “Ekakino Sanshuno Jingi” website title design
2017.11 Microsoft Japan “Shodouka Sanshuno Jingi” website design
2017.11 “JOIA” Miran Michelin-starred restaurant interior art design
2018 .01 Nikuno Takumi Shoutaian restaurant interior design
2018.04 Bi-JAPON performance tittle design
2018.05 Sake “Izumo Yaorozu no Kami” bottle label design
2018.09 Bi-JAPON Paris UNESCO performance “HAGOROMO” title/logo design
2018.10 “The Wearable Art” photo shoot Tittle design
2019.03 SHOUTAIAN Co., Ltd. Thailand Bangkok store restaurant interior art design
2019.05 SHOUTAIAN Co., Ltd. logo design
2019.08 eSmiley Co., Ltd. YouTube channel logo design
2019.10 Amaano Co., Ltd. logo design
2019.12 Nagashima tax accountant office interior art design
2020.05 Tattoo design (for clients in the US, Italy and Brazil)
2020.05 Mirai Corporation art production
2020.07 TOPPE MEAT Co., Ltd. Logo design for all stores in Chiba and Tokyo areas
2020.11 Mirai Art Corporation Art Company logo design
2020.12 Mirai Art Corporation Art Company logo design
2021.01 Mirai Art Corporation Art Company logo design
2021.02 Kashimayari Tourism Development Co. T-shirt design
2021.03 Italian restaurant “En” interior production and design
2021.04 Bi-JAPON DVD title design
2021.04 Engraving design
2021.04 Ginza Takenoan Restaurant logo design
2021.05 Racing Driver Tsukamoto Nanami logo design
2021.06 Bi-JAPON Event title design
2021.06 YAKINIKU Restaurant USHIYAMA logo design
2021.07 SHOUTAIAN Co., Ltd. NEW Restaurant logo design
2021.07 SHOUTAIAN Co., Ltd. NEW Restaurant logo design
2012.01 SHINSHO calligraphy seminar in Paris and Milan
2013.02 SHINSHO calligraphy seminar for restaurants in Sidney
2013.08 SHINSHO calligraphy seminar in Paris and Milan
2014.02 SHINSHO calligraphy seminar in Hawaii
2015.03 SHINSHO calligraphy seminar in Shanghai
2015.10 SHINSHO calligraphy seminar in Los Angeles
2016.01 Domestic SHINSHO calligraphy seminar
2016.04 SHINSHO Instructor training course
2016.12 Calligraphy art for interior design seminar in Tokyo
2017.01 Calligraphy art for interior design seminar in Osaka
2017.03 “Otona-Joshi “entrepreneurship for women seminar
2017.12 Digital calligraphy instructor training course
2017.12 “An unforgettable thank you letter” instructor training course
2018.04 “An unforgettable thank you letter” course for insurance advisors / instructor training course
2018.05 “An unforgettable thank you letter” instructor training course
2018.07 “An unforgettable thank you letter” instructor training course
2018.09 The World’s Best! Brush calligraphy course by Ai-Kishimoto – Let’s learn how to write stylish calligraphy in 5 languages-
2019.06 MIRAI Ltd., Manager training seminar for how to write Thank-you notes
2019.08 MIRAI Ltd., Manager training seminar for how to write Thank-you notes
2019.10 SHINSHO Instructor training course
2020.02 SHINSHO Lecturer training course
2021.07 SHINSHO Instructor training course
Educational Institutions
2015.03 Shanghai Japanese School Lecture and class for teachers
2015.03 Shanghai Japanese School Lecture and class for middle school students
2015.10 Shanghai Japanese School Lecture and class for the entire school
2015.12 Nagoya Sasajima Junior High School SHINSHO lecture and class for all grades
2016~ Started dispatching instructors to kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools
2012.06 Collection of poems “Just As I Am: The Door to My True Self”
2016.07 Ultimate Understanding: 90% of Business Goes Well with the “Power to Listen” (eBook)
2016.11 “Why she ended up painting a mural for a rice ball shop in Hawaii, even though she couldn’t speak English” (eBook)

2011.12Fukushima Minpo Newspaper

Media Appearances
2010.08 FM Naha Radio appearance
2010.09 AreabizOkinawa appearance
2012.02 Miyazaki Chuo Shimbun
2014.02 Hawaii Aloha Street / Hawaii WebTV
2014.03 Hawaii Daily Sun / Hawaii News Paper / Lighthouse Hawaii
2015.12 Chunichi Shimbun
2017.05 ITProBreaking news / famori COM News / Excite News
2017.07 PC Watch / Thehikaku / CNET Japan
2017.11 Microsoft Japan “Three kinds of sacred treasures” appearances
2017.11 Chiba TV
2017.12 Microsoft Japan New Year’s card Web publication
2018.10 Magazine“ Weekly The TV“ series appearances
2018.10 Radio“Key Question“ appearances
2018.11 Magazine“ Weekly The TV“ series appearances
2019.12 MIRAI Co., Ltd. Magazine & Online interview
2020.02 MIRAI Co., Ltd. Magazine & Online interview
2020.07 Arts and Entertainment Online Magazine occhimagazine
2020.09 CineD has made a short documentary video about me with a review of a new camera In this video
Lectures and Events
2012.01 Lectured to a total of 1,498 people in one year with offers from 50 venues nationwide (~2012.12)
2016.12  Hosted the Adult Women’s Forum
2017.04 Became a speaker at Create a Life
2017.08 Speaker at Create a Life
2017.10 Speaker at 「Shizumon Conference」
2017.12 Hosted by Adult Women’s Forum
2018.07 “MYLIFE” Calligraphy Body Art Shooting Event
2018.08 “MYLIFE” Calligraphy Body Art Shooting Event
2018.10 “MYLIFE” Calligraphy Body Art Shooting Event
2019.03 Speaker at “lifestyle 2.0 – A new way of living in a new era
2020.09 Appeared as a speaker for “Women Artists in the World
2021.04 Artist Talk hosted by Mindfulness
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